Awaken the Goddess Within FREE Guidebook

Hello Goddess! I'm over the moon excited to share the Goddess Summit with you, and to get you all ready for it, I created this little guidebook!

In this free guidebook, I share ten ways to awaken the Goddess within you. It's a 10-step guide to Awaken, align, transform, and SHINE!!!!

Yes, I want the FREE Goddess Guidebook!

Women all over the world are awakening and we are RISING by claiming all of who we are, authentically!

Collectively we are awakening the divine feminine power within and it is a movement that we all can feel in our hearts, our soul, and in our bones. This patriarchal world has shamed, blamed, abused, framed, and commodified women for lifetimes. Many of us have fallen into the illusion that our emotions, specifically our anger, our rage, and our sensuality/sexuality are sinful, dangerous and something to fear.

Patriarchal thinking has fed us the illusion that if we are in our feminine power, intuitive, and empowered sexually then we are manipulative, deceptive, witches, sluts, whores, feral, and even possibly crazy. Women of wisdom have always known the truth and many of them died for it. Many of us are still shamed, blamed, and persecuted for being in our authentic wild nature. There is a deep cellular fear that keeps many of us frozen. This subconscious or even conscious fear keeps us small. Keeps us hiding in our caves.

However, many of us have heard the calling. The calling to come out of our caves, down from the mountain tops, and to channel our voices as it is time for action. Many of us are being called into Sacred Divine Leadership. The calling to re-claim, align, activate the sacred divine feminine power within.

It is time Goddess to awaken our wild and sacred divine feminine power within so we may live our most empowered and authentic lives by embracing all of who we are and bringing this transformation to the world.

~ Schamet Horsfield

Activate, awaken, align, transform & shine!

The Goddess is awakening & WE are rising.

If you want to learn more about healing your chakras, transformation, energy awareness, intuition, galactic time, and the redemption of the feminine spirit, then I invite you to join the Awaken the Goddess Within conversation.

The 'Awaken the Goddess Within' summit will inspire, educate, and give you tools to support your awakening journey and ignite your passion so you may step into your power, shine your inner light, and become the person you came here to BE!

Nine days of transformational conversation with God and Goddess, Priestess activations, energy healing & activation, channeled wisdom, meditation, yoga, womb healing & tools to help support your awakening journey as we energetically awaken to the new paradigm.

(Artwork below by: Magdalane by Linzy Arnott. Mother Gaia, Freya & Isis by Jonathan Weber)

Awaken the Goddess Within Global Summit

9 Day Journey through Awakening Consciousness: Guest Expert Schedule

Conversations, activations, & powerful wisdom for your awakening journey from some of the most powerful transformational leaders in the world.

DAY 1: Earth Star Chakra


Awaken the Goddess Foundations

Opening Ceremony and awakening the Goddess meditation with Schamet Horsfield and Anodea Judith.

Archetypes of the Goddess, complete with showing various statues of her different iterations with Anodea Judith.

His mystic heart found Zen, Lakota teachings, and ultimately the goddess religions - all lighting his spiritual path forward, which expresses itself in compassionate service to the Goddess and all Earth's creatures with Jonathan Nelson

Trailblazing and laying down the foundations of the feminine power of the Goddess with Cynthia Schwell

The meaning of the Goddess in art and how it reflects a more embodied approach to meditation, spiritual practice, and living in connection to the earth with Jonathan Weber

BONUS: Earth Star Chakra Blessings with Schamet Horsfield

DAY 2: Root Chakra


Honoring the Body Temple

The exploration of the sacred divine feminine and the role of releasing the issues from our tissues and connecting with our light body during these challenging times with Malinda Starr.

Immunity, gut health, nutrition, meditation, and tips to keep us all healthy during the Global Pandemic with Lee Holmes.

Foundations of our connection to the Goddess Within, the history of God, the discovery of the Embodiment of the Goddess & the Awakening of the Oracle within as well as a Goddess Oracle reading with Anita Geugien

An exploration into feminine leadership, and the modern-day connection to the meaning of the Priestess path as well as energy levels, adrenal health & Burnout to Brilliance with Jacqui Meyer

BONUS: Connection with our guides and calling in the energy of playfulness Meditation with Schamet Horsfield and Cynthia Schwell.

Day 3: Sacral Chakra

The Divine Feminine

Alignment with the Divine Feminine

Womb Healing, Woman's Self-Care, and Breast Therapy with Janine De Wolf


Mary Magdalene and the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine energy to bring balance to the world with Mercedes Kirkel

The awakening woman reclaiming and re-discovering of sacred sensuality and orgasmic capacity in order to activate power to receive true desires with Nina Powell.

BONUS: Alignment with the Divine Feminine + tools for the Priestess Path+Priestess Activation Meditation with Schamet Horsfield

BONUS: Womb Activation Meditation with Rachel Rose Little Crow

DAY 4: Solar Plexus Chakra

Activate our Sacred Fire

Sacred Feminine Power Activation

WOW! Geeta's presence alone activated my solar plexus and when I heard her speak my whole being lit up with my sacred power! In this conversation, Geeta Sidhu-Robb awakens aligned feminine power with fun and frivolity.

Priestess activation & Intro to Generational Healing with Rachel Rose Little Crow.

Rachel Rose Little Crow interviews Schamet Horsfield about the Awakening of the Goddess, the Priestess, the Oracle and explores the Awakening Journey with Schamet Horsfield

BONUS: Exploring Passion to purpose and purpose to compassion. Initiation and conversation about Sacred Fire, Goddess Sekhmet & Priestess Power with Schamet Horsfield and Rose Rachel Little Crow.

Mother Gaia, the resurgence of the Divine Feminine, what it means to be an earth mother priestess, and the call for the healing of the wounded masculine with Mare Cromwell

DAY 5: Heart Chakra

Enter the Temple of the Heart

The Power of Love & Alignment

The power of pure love and The God Code with Neale Donald Walsch.

The breaking-free journey women are on at this time, setting themselves free from inherent patterns of self-abuse and self-sabotage and restoring right relationship with self with Leanne Babcock.

Feminine power, twin hearts meditation & reclaiming leadership in order to co-create with the universe with Daniella Schoch.

Honoring our Goddesses inside of us and being treasured by the masculine with Michelle Shinegawa.

BONUS: Cancer as a spiritual journey with Mercedes Kirkel.

Day 6: Throat Chakra

Purification & Voice Activation

Soul Path Purpose Activation

Sharing your message with the world. Transformational Storytelling with Dawn Montefusco.

The first step in the generational healing process is opening up all of the conversations as all voices need to be heard with Dez Stephens.

Freedom of Expression without labels, barriers, or rules with Arelle Hug.

Alignment with Soul path purpose & voice activation with Schamet Horsfield

DAY 7: Third Eye Chakra

Crystal Clear Vision

Intuition & Aligning to our Dreams

Unicorns, magic, wizards, and The Gaea Thesis which asserts that our planetary biosphere is a single living organism. And the Internet is creating a technological global neural network through which a planetary Awakening will inevitably manifest with Oberon Zell.

Third Eye Activation and Master Class: Activating Your Higher Vision to Empower Your Life with Dr. Celestine Isha Star.

Consciously Creating a soul business with Alison Callan.

New light codes, Intuition, and channeling your authentic voice with Jessica Reid.

+BONUS VIDEOS Trust in the Magic and Mystery of the Divine Feminine with Jessica Reid and Schamet Horsfield

Next to every brilliant man is an equally brilliant woman. Meet... Mileva Maric

DAY 8: Crown Chakra

Expansion of Perception

Awakening Consciousness

How to bring awareness to the complex relationship we have with the tools, deities, techniques, and language we use to support our awakening. Understanding and navigating the relationships we have with other cultures with humility, willingness to learn, respect, and a good dose of compassion for ourselves and others with Dr. Selene Kumin Vega

The 4 Levels of Learning and Transformation and why they are are so important for us to activate - for ourselves & our clients - if we want to create change with Joanna Lindenbaum.

"A Path to Awakening - Intimacy" Our intimate and erotic partnerships can hasten self-reflection on the path of connection and intimacy with Anna Marti.

Awakening Consciousness so we can create a new paradigm with Vanessa Simpson.

BONUS Backstage Conversation with Oberon Zell and Schamet: Virtual Worlds, Avatars, The spirit, loss, and the well of souls. Oberon and Schamet guide you through powerful meditation and activating poem that aligns the heart to the love of the goddess of compassion and opening of the heart.

Day 9: Soul Star Chakra

Galactic & Cosmic Vision

Planetary Global & Galactic Vision

Sacred foundations of being a Celestial Priestess, introduction to evolved galactic beings, and the connection to the Greater Cosmic Intelligence with Dr. Celestine Isha Star

Establishing a 'direct connection' with the Source of Creation and how to operate in this world as 'Sorceresses and Sorcerers. Agents of Source, here on a mission, bringing in the light of Creation through the 'Divine Spark' within into different worlds, densities and dimensions with Meriana Dinkova.

In this powerful transmission Debra Giusti shares her Ascension tips for navigating through the Awakening of the New Paradigm and does a deep dive into what Planetary Awakening means and gives tips and tools for thriving in challenging times.

Awakening our Multidimensional Capacities by Synchronizing with Natural Time. Activate your connection to the natural time-frequency, and to yourself as an Awakening Goddess of the Cosmos with Eden Sky.

Closing Ceremony, poem by Morning Glory Zell, and invocation to the Goddess with Anodea Judith and Schamet Horsfield.

Join the Awaken the Goddess Within movement.

Connect with like-minded aligned souls & make a difference on planet Earth!!! 

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All voices matter & all voices need to be heard.

Together WE RISE.

Meet Your Host

Hello, and welcome! My name is Schamet Horsfield. I am your host for the summit. Just a little about who I am for those of you who don't know me...

From a very young age, I knew that I was here to help humanity become a better place. I knew I had a mission and purpose and I was here on the Earth for a reason. As a little girl, I knew I was here to bring light, healing, help guide humanity into the awaking of their intuition and I knew that our true nature was that of magic, purpose, love and that life was meant to be fun, magical & joyful.

I believe each and every one of us has our own particular brand of magic and soul path purpose to share and I help illuminate that pathway so people can align to theirs as I truly believe when each and every one of us align to our true nature world peace is possible.

I look forward to guiding you to awaken the magic within you and awaken the goddess within.

If there is anything that you need please get in touch as I am here to support your awakening journey.

Abundant Blessings,

Schamet Horsfield

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