Online Workshops with Schamet Horsfield

The Conscious Creatrix: Consciously create an abundant life. 7-week Journey through the Chakra System in order to Manifest a Life of your Dreams

August 21-October 02, 2021

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality” -Albert Einstein

☽O☾~ Align to Your Soul Path Purpose
☽O☾~ Find Clarity and Strengthen Your Intuition
☽O☾~ Let go of Limiting Self Beliefs
☽O☾~ Remove Abundance Blocks & Raise Your Vibration
☽O☾~ Learn Powerful Manifesting Tools
☽O☾~ Consciously Create the Life of Your Dreams

☽O☾~ Learn about your chakra system in-depth and learn tools to balance your chakras.

☽O☾~ Enjoy being part of a Conscious Creatrix Community of like Minded Manifestors as we support each other upon the healing journey of becoming Master Manifestors of the New Paradigm.

The Chakra system is a map of the human energy field.
There are 7 main chakras that relate to different regions, organs, nerve clusters, meridians, emotions, thought patterns,and human consciousness.

The chakras are also called condensing chambers and can be used as powerful tools to work with in order to consciously manifest the life of our dreams.

Schamet is a Master at manifesting her vision into reality and will be teaching you step by step how to manifest the life of your dreams using the chakra system.

August 21-October 02, 2021B

3 Bed | 4 Bath | 2,915 SqFt


7 Week Chakra Journey Awaken Psychic Centers: Intuitive & Psychic Development ext October 16-November 27, 2021

Are you Intuitive? Do you have psychic abilities? Do you feel like you are a healer?

Would you like to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities?

Do you want to find out what kind of abilities you have?
And find out how to strengthen them?

Would you like to become more in touch with your intuition and develop crystal clear clarity?

Would you like to learn more about your chakras and be able to heal your chakras?

Are you ready to meet/connect to your angels, guardians, guides, and spirit helpers?

Are you an empath and want to learn about psychic boundaries so you know how to stand strong in your own energy field and not take other energy on?

In this 7 Week Journey, we will dive deep into our psychic centers...your chakra's, and your aura and we will explore your gifts and abilities...what they are, and how to develop them so you can share them with the world with confidence, personal empowerment, confidence, ease, and grace....bringing deeper healing to you and your community.

October 16-November 27, 2021



Awaken the Psychic Centers: 7 Week Journey through the Chakras  

Develop your Intuition and Psychic Abilities.

October 16-November 27, 2021

Awaken. Align. Transform. Shine.

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Are you ready to align yourself to your own particular brand of magic, claim your psychic superpowers, and trust your own inner guidance system?

Are you ready to activate your superpowers

and align with your particular brand of magic?

Week 1: Root Chakra and Creating the Sacred Container

  • Grounding meditation
  • Introduction to intuition and psychic abilities
  • Journey into the psychic playground and finding amusement
  • Awaken your psychic abilities and activate your superpowers

Week 2: Sacral Plexus Chakra and The Art of Surrender.

  • Awaken and activate kundalini for creativity
  • Sacred sexuality and the energy of creativity
  • Learning the art of allowing, surrender, and reading signs from the Universe
  • Body wisdom and energy medicine
  • The magic of emotions and Flower oracle reading

Week 3: Solar Plexus Chakra and Reclaiming Power and activating Merkaba Field 

  • Diamond Mind Meditation (psychic power activation)
  • Activating Merkaba Field of Light
  • Sacred boundaries and sacred fire
  • Psychic protection tools (claiming/activating)
  • Shamanic trance journey to claim your psychic superpowers.
  • How to see and feel auras
  • Cutting cords

Week 4: Heart Chakra: The art of allowing.

  • When we Heal our self, we heal the world. Forgiveness, compassion, and kindness Meditation
  • Tools for forgiveness, surrender, and clearing energy out of field.
  • Creating and Destroying Roses Energy Work
  • Energy Healing tools, tips, and group Reiki energy healing
  • Group activation and energy healing

Week 5: Throat Chakra Clearing the throat Channel

  • Meditation to activate your unique voice.
  • Exploring all the different types of Channeling.
  • Sound Healing and Light Language activation.
  • shamanic journey to connect with your animal spirit guides

Week 6: Third Eye Chakra Activation of third eye and developing Crystal Clear Intuition

  • Third Eye Meditation to activate crystal clear intuition.
  • Learn how to read oracle cards and give a reading.
  • Group Psychometry reading
  • Dream time Incubation
  • Learning to trust your own intuition and the four portals of intuition. Learn how to activate and strengthen them

Week 7: Crown Chakra Claiming your Crown and Connecting to your Channel.

  • Connecting to grace and claiming your crown Meditation
  • The golden sun mediation
  • Dowsing
  • Tools for raising your vibration
  • Connecting to your angels, guardians, guides, and spirit helpers
  • Time for questions integration, and embodiment of new energy
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