Testimonial reviews from those who have worked with Schamet

Schamet is a genuinely connected and intuitive healer. I feel great after a private session with her and have learned much in her circles and courses. For a warm, loving and powerful experience, I recommend Schamet without reservation. -Calli Veludos

I took the plunge and booked my ticket to Bali for Schamet’s “ Manifesting Abundance Retreat.” I have always been hesitant about sharing in a group situation but I thought it was time! We arrived at the most beautiful resort. The setting was stunning and the staff were so totally genuine and caring. The food was amazing and they catered to each chakra! We started each day with yoga and then we did workshops throughout the day. I found the workshops challenging but they pushed me to open up and let me flourish. Schamet provided a beautiful safe environment for me to do that and she supported me every step of the way. I am so grateful to her for her strength and wisdom. I also learnt tools to keep moving forward when I got back to the routine of life. I sincerely recommend to anybody this life-changing retreat and you get to relax in the most beautiful resort!

-Nicola Barrett: Owner of Beach House & Kiosk in Island Bay New Zealand

I cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to have had the opportunity to have a chakra rebalancing session with the lovely Schamet. She was warm and welcoming and made me feel so comfortable as soon as I arrived at her home. The session itself was a completely beautiful experience, one that was eye-opening, humbling, riveting and hopeful. Her way of facilitating you to be the best version of you that you can be was calming. Her words are always with good intentions and the things she picks up on are so accurate. I am so thankful for all the precious moments of realisation I got from this session with Schamet. I admire her so much!! 💛💛💛

~Gella Sadumiano, Wellington New Zealand

Schamet brings passion, knowledge and heart to her work. I have done her chakra yoga classes and really enjoyed the yoga and the beautiful space Schamet creates. Schamet has also helped me to shift perspective on a long standing issue in a private Chakra healing session and I learned how to make chocolates and use essential oils from her as well! Thanks Schamet for bringing this beautiful combination of mind, body, spirit work to us!

Irena Stenner- Art Therapist

My Chakra healing with Schamet was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far. She is a truly wonderful soul. I was swept along on a journey of love and acceptance. My mind was cleared, I was grounded and lifted to a calm place and this amazing woman fixed my broken wings and inspired me to be strong. The healing room has one of the best backdrops of the Wellington coastline. I recommend this to everybody. The best spiritual counselling you will ever have. Thank you for sharing your special powers with me. Blessed be xx💟💟

Jane Carey~Goddess- Warrior Goddess and Carer of Souls

"I am truly grateful and genuinely so blessed to have met Schamet as she has helped me so much and I highly recommend her as a Transformation Coach, a healer, teacher and enjoy her workshops and circles so much. I have joined all of them & am loving the magical journey with her and the wonderful women who surround her." ~Diane Wright Reflexology healer and Garden Goddess

Testimonial Reviews from those who have attended Schamet's Healing events.

Schamet's ability to clear and align chakras to the attunement that is best for you is matched by her intuitive insight, natural seeing abilities and (most importantly) supported by rigorous training. I found the session to be very healing and resonant with my energy. The visions and awareness I had were certainly impressive and Schamet's advice and knowings during the session could only have come from somebody strongly aligned with their path, purpose and higher self. I recommend her without hesitation and am happy to endorse her both personally and professionally. -M.W.

Schamet has been blessed with an incredible gift for healing. Her ability to change peoples energy by merely being in her presence is undeniable and she is gracious in her enthusiasm and passion to help others. I found the Chakra Manifesting course to be centered around empowering people to empower themselves and for that reason such a course is a wonderful investment in self care. All within a safe space that Schamet facilitates. I experienced amazing transformation in some of my thinking patterns and am excited for the transformation to continue even though the course has ended. Because this course teaches tools, it is like planting seeds in your mind garden and learning how to nurture the plants as they sprout so that the abundance can continue long after the course has ended. A must do for those ready to work through some blocks and commit to their dreams.

~Natasha Jane Goddess

 Schamet is truly a divine Goddess and provided me with insight and compassionate understanding in a loving, honouring space. The healing I received was much more than expected - it was a bouquet of loveliness! With psychic guidance, an exploration of my chakras revealing my strengths and providing practical dietary guidance to allow my solar plexus chakra to shine. I highly recommend her workshops and healing sessions 

~Maria Davey Counselor/Healer

Schamet is a true goddess and able to inspire that power in others with a sprinkle of magic, a dash of intuition, an endless supply of wisdom. I highly recommend her and the women around her.

- Maria Walker Psychotherapist

Schamet is amazing at supporting women in so many loving ways- spiritually, emotionally, exercise wise, health wise & mindfully. Schamet is a wonderful chakra yoga teacher, with a wonderful yoga workshop space, great movements, great essential oils, great music, great sound bowls, great singing & drumming. Schamet runs so many amazing sessions including great vision board making, full moon goddess circles, retreats with great sessions and food, and self love self marriage weekends. Incredible! She also has wonderful chocolate & cacao drinks. A fantastic woman!

-~Leigh Macinol (Fusion Designs) Artist, Teacher, and Photographer

Schamet is not only a beautiful goddess but she is an amazing teacher, healer, and all round person. Last year I attended three of her women's circles and each time I left feeling lighter, refreshed, open and full of so much passion for my journey. I can not recommend her enough!

- Lauren Candy Office Manager and Marketing for Chartered Accountants

"Schamet's private sessions and her workshops are powerful & life changing. Her work provides lasting and permanent transformation. I highly reccomend working with Schamet." ~Helen Tan Yogi & Life Coach

"Schamet is an amazing Belief Coach, Chakra Healer & oracle!" -Juliette Van Aken Belief Coach, Clairvoyant Art & Readings

Testimonial reviews from those who have worked with Schamet.

Schamet is blessed with intuition and a generous, loving heart. It is wonderful to be in her uplifting healing presence and receive her wise counsel. -Diane Cudby

Schamet spins together moments of profound beauty that can only be experienced with the heart. She weaves her magic through insight and wisdom as a guide and an intuit and holds space in the most joyous & authentic way, uplifting and assisting those who attend to unravel their unique gifts. She spoke straight to my soul with her singing bowl meditations bringing together heart, brain and spirit. Thank you Schamet.

~Millie Forsyth: Wellbeing Therapist

I highly recommend working with Schamet. I have been to her beautiful Cacao Ceremony's, her one on one Chakra healing session and also her 7 week Manifesting Your Dream through the Chakras course. Through the 7 week Chakra workshop Schamet supported me, shared her wisdom, helped me feel more powerful and confident in who I am. I felt like I was in the right place. There is no judgment on who you are when you are in Schamet's presence. It is a beautiful, safe place to be. She is a goddess, healer and teacher. I'm so grateful that I found her online and got the chance to attend her workshops/circles.  

- Rebecca Baddeley (Intamacy Coach) 

I’ve attended Schamet’s Women’s Wisdom workshops and have had the pleasure of attending her Manifesting Abundance through the Chakras course. I’ve always felt really safe, empowered and positively challenged by her beautiful facilitation. I couldn’t recommend Schamet enough, a beautiful healer with oodles of experience and wisdom to share. 

- Sahra J Birtwistle (Youth Worker)

After my healing with Schamet today I felt so much lighter, more empowered, positive and hopeful. This was more than your average healing, Schamet listened, gave great advice, did a beautiful healing using crystal bowls, she connected with my situation and gave me some useful insights, everything she said really resonated with me and I now have a new fresh outlook. Schamet is a beautiful, wise goddess and this healing session was just what I needed. Thanks so much.x 

Briar Carter-Animal Homeopathy

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