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I am currently not taking any new clients as I have decided to finish my masters degree in psychology as I feel that my soul path purpose is calling me to go deeper. I love transformation and in order for me to become a master of the transformative healing journey and truly serve others in their metamorphosis I have decided that I need to be in my academic cocoon. I will let you all know when I emerge again from my chrysalis. I will however still be posting on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as I enjoy sharing my metamorphosis with my community in this way! Do make sure to sign up for the FREE Awaken the Goddess and Awaken the leader Within summit April 1st-9th.

With love and abundant blessings,

Schamet Horsfield

A personal message from Schamet Horsfield.

When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up to be a relationship counselor. I wanted to help bring more love to the world as my world was full of broken hearts.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 9 years old. My mom then left my stepdad when I was 14 years old. Both sets of aunt and uncles were divorced by the time I was in my early twenties and so I grew up not believing in marriage or lasting love, in fact, I held the trauma of my childhood experience in my body, mind, and soul, for many years. I held the belief that love was scary, dangerous, and not safe.

I told myself and the world that I would never get married, I would never have children and I really thought I meant it at the time. Vulnerability meant I could be hurt and so I kept most people at a distance. My heart was closed and for many years & I closed myself off from truly falling in love. That was an old version of me over 25 years ago before I learned to love myself and attract to me more love and beauty than I could ever possibly imagine!

When I look back I realize that LOVE is what I truly wanted deep down inside of my heart and soul the whole time and as soon as I remembered who I truly was I was able to learn to love myself, awaken to my soul path purpose and attract the kind of love that was not only lasting but that would become a big part of my spiritual path and soul evolution.

I was able to heal my generational wounds, patterns, and self-limiting beliefs, and consciously create the man of my wildest dreams! I have been with my soul mate now since 1999 and we have two beautiful boys, a dog, and a cat and live in our dream home in Wellington, New Zealand.

After 25 years of passionate joy, love, and intimacy in my relationship and marriage, I have decided to go back to University and get my degree in psychology. This was my dream when I was a teenager and it feels like a full circle dream coming to fruition. I am transforming my wounds into my wisdom and my wisdom into my superpowers!

Abundant blessings of love & passion,

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