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If you are ready to transform your wounds to wisdom & wisdom to superpowers in order to

consciously create a life of your wildest dreams, I invite you to book a complimentary 45-minute clarity connection call below.

With love and abundant blessings,

Schamet Horsfield

I would love a 45-minute connection call!

Wounds to Wisdom Oracle Reading with Schamet Horsfield

If you are ready to transform your wounds into wisdom and your wisdom into superpowers and consciously create the life of your wildest dreams, Schamet can help guide you.

Schamet will meet you where you are and guide you to where you need to go.

She is a highly intuitive, clairvoyant, trauma-informed, and trained as a transformational practitioner, Intuitive Soul Guide, Clairvoyant Coach, Sacred Depths Practitioner, and Results Coach.

Integrating positive psychology into her Oracle sessions makes her work potent, powerful, and transformative.

Schamet calls herself a Wounds-to-Wisdom Oracle as this is the path she has walked, and because she has successfully walked this path and consciously created a life of her wildest dreams, she can now help others.

Yes, I would like an Oracle Reading with Schamet.

Online Workshops with Schamet Horsfield

The Conscious Creatrix: Consciously create an abundant life. 10 Coaching/Oracle sessions 1:1 with Schamet Horsfield

“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality” -Albert Einstein.

☽O☾~ Align to Your Soul Path Purpose
☽O☾~ Find Clarity and Strengthen Your Intuition
☽O☾~ Let go of Limiting Self Beliefs
☽O☾~ Remove Abundance Blocks & Raise Your Vibration
☽O☾~ Learn Powerful Manifesting Tools
☽O☾~ Consciously Create the Life of Your Dreams

☽O☾~ Learn about your chakra system in-depth and learn tools to balance your chakras.

☽O☾~ Enjoy being part of a Conscious Creatrix Community of like-minded Manifestors as we support each other upon the healing journey of becoming Master Manifestors of the New Paradigm.

The Chakra system is a map of the human energy field.
There are seven main chakras related to different regions: organs, nerve clusters, meridians, emotions, thought patterns, and human consciousness. The chakras, also called condensing chambers, are powerful tools for consciously manifesting the life of our dreams. This is foundational in Schamet's work as she works with the energy centers.

Schamet is a Master at manifesting her vision into reality. She has been successfully manifesting for over 30 years. She will teach you step by step how to manifest the life of your dreams. By working with Schamet 1:1, she can intimately guide you on your journey and tailor these sessions just for you. Schamet is also trained in shadow work and can see into blind spots.
This is a deep dive into your transformational journey. This is a powerfully potent journey if you are truly ready to transform.


Awaken The Oracle Within: 7-Week Intuitive & Psychic Development Journey

Are you Intuitive? Do you have psychic abilities? Do you feel like you are a healer?

☽O☾~ Learn about your internal Navigation System & what it means to be a channel, an Oracle, and get support around developing your gifts.

☽O☾~ Align to Your Soul Path Purpose
☽O☾~ Find Clarity and Strengthen Your Intuition
☽O☾~ Let go of Limiting Self Beliefs
☽O☾~ Remove Abundance Blocks & Raise Your Vibration
☽O☾~ Learn about energy healing
☽O☾~ Learn Clairvoyant tools and energy-clearing techniques

☽O☾~ Learn how to read Oracle cards

☽O☾~ Learn how to transform wounds to wisdom and wisdom to your psychic superpowers

☽O☾~ Learn about your chakra system in-depth and learn tools to balance your chakras.

☽O☾~ Enjoy being part of our Oracle Community of like-minded Intuitive practitioners as we support each other upon the Awakening of the Oracle Within.

Are you ready to meet/connect with your angels, guardians, guides, and spirit helpers?

Are you an empath who wants to learn about psychic boundaries so you can stand firm in your energy field and not absorb other energy?

In this Seven-Week Journey, we will dive deep into our psychic centers, your chakras, and your aura. We will explore your gifts and abilities, what they are, and how to develop them so you can share them with the world with confidence, personal empowerment, ease, and grace, as well as tools to help bring more profound healing to you and your community.


About Schamet Horsfield...

Schamet Horsfield knew early on that she was here to help the world become a better place and birth in the new paradigm. She knew she was a healer and change agent when she was a little girl.

Schamet’s motto, “Transforming wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers so you can manifest an abundant life of your wildest dreams.” is the foundation and story of her life.

Schamet left home at 15 years old and vowed to heal her generational family wounds and patterns and become the best version of herself, and she has achieved that and more. She has walked the path of the wounded healer and alchemized her life on all levels. Schamet has experienced every word, story, and metaphor in truly transforming wounds to wisdom and wisdom to her superpowers. She speaks from direct experience as she walks the walk and talks the talk. 

Schamet has been working as a healer on and off for 30 years. Schamet worked for Weta for over five years as the private healer for the talented film crew that made Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and King Kong. She is a course creator and works with clients all over the world. She guides her clients to create new and empowering beliefs and patterns and, ultimately, new stories that anchor in the change they want to see and be in the world. The ripple effect is that they can powerfully & consciously create more joy, fulfillment, and passionate purpose. 

Schamet has trained with many masters in the field of positive psychology, new paradigm healers, teachers, and leaders and has completed several certificates in the field of the healing arts, which include movement therapy, certified yoga teacher, chakra energy healer, transformational belief coach, Results Coach, Clairvoyant Oracle, and Sacred Depths Practitioner. Schamet is an ordained Priestess and an Oracle and teacher. She trains others in the art and cultivation of Intuition, Rites, Ritual, Ceremony, and psychic development and acts as a sacred divine feminine leader, speaker, teacher, and author. 

Schamet helps her clients heal generational wounds/patterns, deep soul/energy clearing, healing the inner child, shadow work, developing crystal-clear intuition, and re-writing a new story that puts her soul clients in the driver's seat of their lives as an intuitive co-creator/creatrix. Schamet believes that when you change your beliefs, patterns, and story, you can change your life; when we heal ourselves, we heal the world, as this has been her direct experience.

Schamet Horsfield lives with her husband of over twenty years, two teenage boys, and two fur babies in her dream home that she consciously created in Island Bay, New Zealand. When Schamet is not writing, working with clients worldwide, dancing, or making art, she can be found at Victoria University studying psychology. At the beautiful age of fifty, she is getting her master's degree in Psychology. She was inspired by Louise Hay, who instilled in Schamet that there is always time to start something new. 

Schamet is a lifelong learner who loves mastery and is fascinated by alchemy, transformation, and the awakening of consciousness on all levels.

Abundant blessings of love & passionate purpose,

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