A personal message from Schamet Horsfield.

I am very passionate about transformation, healing, activating intuition, and female empowerment, and I believe that it is the heart-centered women standing powerfully in our passion, truth, unique brand of magic, and sacred divine feminine power that will change the world, for the better!

We are the leaders of the New Paradigm!

I have a FREE offering for all of YOU!

I will be facilitating a New Paradigm Priestess Power Activation LIVE Master Class. I will share with you tools for the priestess path and we will be working with the Goddess Archetypes for creating a safe and sacred space. I will share tools for powerful transformational work that you can use on your personal journey as well with your soul clients.

Complete the form below to join us for this powerful FREE masterclass on March 25th, 10 am in Wellington New Zealand, 2023

New Paradigm Priestess Blessings,

Join The Tools for the New Paradigm Priestess Masterclass
Yes! I want to Join the Heal the divine feminine witch wound ceremonial circle on March 11th, 10 am New Zealand!

Women all over the world are awakening and we are RISING by claiming all of who we are, authentically!

Collectively we are awakening the divine feminine power within and it is a movement that we all can feel in our hearts, our soul, and in our bones. This patriarchal world has shamed, blamed, abused, framed, and commodified women for lifetimes. Many of us have fallen into the illusion that our emotions, specifically our anger, our rage, and our sensuality/sexuality are sinful, dangerous and something to fear.

It is time to heal the Witch Wound.

Patriarchal thinking has fed us the illusion that if we are in our feminine power, intuitive, and empowered sexually then we are manipulative, deceptive, witches, sluts, whores, feral, and even possibly crazy. Women of wisdom have always known the truth and many of them died for it. Many of us are still shamed, blamed, and persecuted for being in our authentic wild nature. There is a deep cellular fear that keeps many of us frozen. This subconscious or even conscious fear keeps us small. Keeps us hiding in our caves.

However, many of us have heard the calling. The calling is to come out of our caves, down from the mountain tops, and to channel our voices as it is time for action. Many of us are being called into Sacred Divine Leadership. The calling to re-claim, align, and activate the sacred divine feminine power within.

It is time to heal our witch wound and empower our sacred divine feminine power within so we may live our most empowered and authentic lives by embracing all of who we are and bringing this transformation to the world.

~ Schamet Horsfield

Join the ceremonial healing of the witch wound on March 11th, 2023

A little about the herstory of the Sisterhood of the Rose Sacred Ceremonial Circles. ________________________________

The Sisterhood of the Rose was created in the time of Lemuria, and later as priestesses in Atlantis, they gathered together in circles of twelve to activate this Flame of Divine Love, of harmony, of abundance, of joy, and peace, through the hearts of all humanity.

It has been requested from the Light forces that women and men with inner connection with the Goddess begin to gather in groups to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose.

We will meet every new moon to invoke the Goddess's energy for planetary peace, love, and harmony in their unique way.

In this Sacred Space, we embrace the feminine aspect of support for the planetary transition into higher consciousness and the re-emergence of the planetary Goddess of Light.

Together we meet in this mediation/prayer circle to Awaken and co-create the New Paradigm of love, light, joy, support, and connection for each other and to gracefully send this healing energy to the world.

March 25th, 2023 from 10 am-11:30 am NZST (New Zealand standard time)

JOIN THE Tools for the Priestess Path Masterclass!

Hello Priestesses, Transformational Change Agents, Lightworkers, Healers, Soul Coaches, Empaths, and to all who are Awakening and feeling the calling to make a difference in the world.

We need you - ALL of YOU!

Welcome to the transformational awakening journey into the new paradigm.

I channeled this guide to help all humans upon their awakening journey.

Those who are awakening to their soul path purpose and are being called to create change.

This Guide is for those who know they came here to planet Earth for a reason, a purpose, and are here to make the world a better place: the Priestesses, the leaders, the change-makers,

the healers, the spiritual activists, the spiritual midwives, the transformational agents, & the sovereign kings, and queens.

It is my belief that WE ARE ALL AWAKENING and in order to birth in the new paradigm we must

ALL help guide the AWAKENING journey.

When we do the soul work we can then help truly be of service to others.

By bringing more consciousness and awareness to the awakening journey, many of you can then help support others on their journey.

My intention is to help all who are ready to transform their wounds into their wisdom and their wisdom

into their superpowers so we can live our most abundant life and together consciously create the new paradigm.


Love and Priestess Blessings ~Schamet Horsfield

Yes! I would like to download the Awaken the Priestess Within New Paradigm Light Leader Guidebook 

Schamet Horsfield

Clairvoyant Oracle, New Paradigm Priestess, Sacred Divine Feminine Light Leader, Sacred Depths Practitioner, Transformational Beliefs Coach, and Creatrix of the Awaken the Priestess Within which is an Online Mystery School & 10-month Sacred Divine Feminine Soul Coach Practitioner Training.

Schamet is passionate about helping people become more aware of self-limiting beliefs, abundance blocks, unhealthy patterns, and whatever might be holding her soul clients back from consciously creating the life of their dreams. She loves to powerfully guide women & men upon their empowering journey of transforming wounds into wisdom and wisdom to superpowers.


Schamet is here to contribute to making this world a better place by awakening consciousness, birthing in the New Paradigm & activating those who are ready to become part of the solution.

With her Clairvoyant Gifts and particular Intuitive brand of magic, she helps her clients develop Intuition, psychic gifts, awaken the sacred divine feminine energy, activate priestess power, align to their soul path purpose, and become Sovereign Queens, Awakened Priestesses, & Sacred Divine Feminine Leaders.

Join our Awaken the New Feminine Paradigm community to learn more about healing, developing intuition, psychic abilities, energy medicine, chakras, manifesting an abundant life & what it means to be a Priestess.

Yes, I want to join the Awaken the New Feminine Paradigm Community
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